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Drinks and Relaxing

The Full Story

We have a selection of drinks here at Hair Professional to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We aren't quite Costa Coffee or the local pub but we try and put on a decent selection for you.

Hot Drinks:




Decaf English Breakfast

Earl Grey

Decaf Earl Grey

Green Tea


Selection of fruit teas such as Strawberry and Cranberry or Blackberry and Blueberry

All available with semi-skimmed or full fat dairy milk or coconut milk.

Hot Chocolate:


Luxuriously velvety Cadbury hot chocolate foamed with dairy or coconut milk.

Available with a shot of flavoured syrup.



Espresso – Single shot of strong, freshly ground coffee 

Americano – A shot of espresso topped up with hot water. Served Black

White coffee – The classic Hair Professional coffee you all love, now with freshly ground coffee

Latte – Espresso shot topped with velvety steamed milk

Cappuccino – Espresso shot topped with foamed milk


Dairy or Coconut milk available

Decaf also available.

Flavoured Syrups:






Look out for our seasonal offerings back here next time too



We have a random selection delivered monthly, do ask us and we will tell you what we have this month



Feel free to plug your tech in if its low on power. If its an iPhone charger or a MacBook charger you need we are happy to lend you one

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