Wig Service Gives Astounding Results

Chemotherapy patients and clients with thinning hair are really appreciating our wig service, which is now going from strength to strength


Our wig sourcing and fitting service is really taking off as a result. We’ve supplied wigs for local chemotherapy patients and also for women who have naturally very fine or thinning hair.

Clients are always astounded at the quality of the wigs on offer. We are able to select from literally thousands of styles, shapes, colours and quality so there will always be a wig to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

We are happy to order in a selection without any obligation: Any wig that isn’t required is simply returned by us. Wig consultations take place in a private room so there’s no need to feel anxious at all if you’d like to take advantage of this service, so please book to see our experts.


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Posted: 03/03/2015


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