Why Not Colour Your Hair at Home?

For today’s blog, Anthea tackles the age old question
‘Why shouldn’t I colour my hair at home?’

Anthea says:

There are undeniably countless women out there colouring their hair at home pretty successfully. Whilst it would be foolish to deny this, it is my firm belief that there are countless others doing so and making a complete hash of it.
There are so many things to consider when we colour our hair. The result will always be dependant on the precise mixture applied, the colour of hair it is applied to AND the strength, porosity and texture of the hair.

Those of us who have studied to the highest level in hair colouring learn to make a full analysis of the hair prior to any treatment. This includes deciding on natural depth, undercoat, distribution of pigment, percentage of grey, levels of lift, condition, previous history, incompatible reflects and many more factors. Then, we choose from a vast array of products available to us in order to exactly match your requirements. At Hair Professional, the dispensary (or stock room) where we all shuffle off to mix our colour contains, amongst other things, over 30 metres of shelves positively groaning with tubes of tint, bottles of peroxide and all the other liquids and powders required to create the best colour for you.

It’s also worth knowing that we almost never use the same colour on the roots as we do on the lengths and ends because previously coloured hair behaves very differently to the natural regrowth. When you buy a box of colour, that’s all you get and this same colour is meant to suffice for all the hair, natural and otherwise. In most cases, it simply won’t.

On top of this, we need to consider the benefits of professional application. It really is the only way to ensure perfect coverage, an even result, no banding, a clean hairline and a thorough removal. On top of this, your bathroom doesn’t suffer and you get to relax, drink nice coffee and read magazines that you’d never have time to read at home! It’s a no brainer really. With the different price bands available at Hair Professional, there’s an option there to suit everyone’s budget.


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Posted: 01/04/2015


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