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Last Sunday I was out with some friends when a little girl toddled past and I was immediately captivated by her appearance. She was holding a brightly coloured cup and was wearing a little cotton dress. There was something in that split second visual that made a real impact on me. I gingerly asked her parents if I could take a picture of her and to my surprise, they agreed! (I must have an honest face!) Read on to find out what it was about this image that particularly attracted me?


The creative process is a funny thing. You’re never really sure where you’ve seen stuff but over time, you become dimly aware of trends surfacing. On an intellectual level, I know that trend agencies exist and that we are constantly bombarded with subliminal images but it’s still a shock when something hits you right between the eyes like it did that day. Looking back at the photo, of course I was mesmerised. There, right there, was a snapshot of the trend story for Spring/Summer 2016. The two new Pantone Colours of the Year (Rose Quartz and Serenity, a pastel pink and powder blue) juxtaposed with more vivid, acidic versions of the same, contrasted with complimentary colours from the Pantone palette and all wrapped up in a repeating geometric pattern. Boom!


So I’ve started doing some serious research now to prepare for our Spring/Summer shoot with all of this stuff whizzing around my head. There is, as always, plenty of good stuff on the Internet and I’ve selected a few images for you below. What does this mean for hair and make up this year? Well I’m not entirely sure and I think it may be too early to say. The catwalks themselves don’t give much away for the simple reason that the hair has to be created in seconds backstage and the make up is always a caricature of a look. The major product manufacturers haven’t released their seasonal looks yet but I think it’ll be really interesting to see how this one plays out. Watch this space for more information!



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Posted: 13/01/2016


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