The trials of a style conscious man at a formal event

The trials of a style conscious man at a formal event
Many of you will have heard by now of our success in reaching the finals of the Kent Excellence in Business Awards. (Our category is Commitment to the Community: Check out our Community page on the website for an insight into the many and various ways we engage with those around us.)
Our entry was scrutinised and made the shortlist of six. Following interview by a panel, we were delighted to learn that we had made the final three and our attendance was required at the black tie award ceremony. Of course, this sent all the girls into a frenzy of frock buying, make up sorting and frantic discussions about shoes. Let’s not even start on the countless hours on Pinterest looking for the best hairstyles!
For me though, a scrawny 6’4″, it was the search for formal evening dress, black jacket, cumberband, bow tie, the lot. The same lot, in fact, as every other guy will be wearing and herein lies the problem: There’s no opportunity for diversity or individuality, no chance of your personality shining through unless you go for some sort of comedy tie (and then that’s indicative of a personality that might be best under wraps anyway!). The whole dress code thing for men is so fraught with rules that it manages to become both boring and stressful at the same time…quite an accomplishment.
I wanted to look like a peacock among the penguins but I fear that, at best, I’ll end up looking like a snooker player who’s borrowed the suit of a man a bit shorter and fatter than him. Oh well, I’ll just have to polish my quiff (which as most of you know can be seen from space!) and settle for being the cockerel amongst the chickens on my table.


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Posted: 10/06/2015


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