Anthea from Hair Professional trains on the Digital Perm

The Digital Perm


Last week I attended a training seminar at Trevor Sorbie’s flagship salon in Covent Garden. Trevor and his team have recently endorsed the ‘Momoko’ brand, a Japanese company who have developed a new and unusual system for chemical straightening and perming.

I was specifically training last week on the digital perm which is a machine based service. The perming process is broken down into three stages instead of the usual two and it results in a more natural curl which can be achieved on a wider variety of hair than that which we would consider perming using traditional methods.

I won’t go into great technical  detail but as the pictures show, the client is hooked up to a machine which gently heats each roller in phase two of the process. Although it looks scary, it’s actually safer than a traditional perm because it is gentler, conditioning agents are used to ‘feed’ the hair each step of the way and a test curl is always performed in advance for absolute peace of mind.

The Digital Perm

As a rule, it’s a system better employed on longer hair (at least shoulder length) and results in more of a ‘festival’/’beach head’ vibe instead of the more ‘crisp’ and uniform look of usual perms. This makes it ideal for younger clients, giving them something new, on trend and easy to manage.

Will we be getting it? I’m not sure to be honest…it’s a large initial outlay which needs to be fully considered. I’ve personally booked in for my test curl in July and, assuming I’m a suitable candidate, I’ll go ahead and have it done so that I can really give you first hand, honest feedback before we make any decisions. Watch this space! (Anthea)

Digital Perm result


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Posted: 27/05/2014


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