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We’re starting to put together our thoughts and ideas right now for our next shoot which will take place on 4th October. We’ve gone back and re-looked at the runway shows from around February when the Autumn/Winter looks were unveiled. The thing that really strikes me the most is the massive use of hair accessories on the catwalk models. To some extent, this is always a temptation at Fashion Week as it’s hard to change the girls’ hair much from one show to another. There’s never any facilities for washing hair so the later on in the day the show is, the more mangled their hair is and the harder it is to get it to look fabulous in the five minutes the stylists have to transform it.
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That said, there was definitely a marked increase in the use of glitzy accessories and more groomed hair also seems to be making a comeback which will be good news for some of us ‘neat freaks’ but not others who lean toward a more dishevelled appearance. It looks as though the salon Blowdry may finally be back…encouraging news for all the Blowdry bars that seem to be popping up in bigger cities. We’ve batted this one about in the salon before now, whether there’s a local demand for that type of walk in service where a client can get a great Blowdry or hair up in a swift half an hour. We’d love to know your thoughts about this one. Would you use this service? What hours would it need to be open and how much would you be willing to pay?
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Posted: 21/08/2015


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