Stylists help at Maidstone Churches’ Winter Shelter

Hair Professional has been more involved than ever with the Winter Shelter in Maidstone that comes to a close this week for another year.

The Shelter provides food, a bed for the night and the chance to meet with other people for friendship and advice.

Anthea’s been cutting the guests’ hair and both she and Kirsty have put in overnight shifts every Sunday. Philip has made some delicious shepherds’ pies and the salon assistants have been laundering the sleeping bags from one of the venues every week. On top of this, we’ve donated shampoo, conditioner and towels as well as becoming something of an unofficial hub for people to drop off clothing, food, toiletries and, of course, cash. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and staff for their overwhelming generosity at this time. Most importantly, many of the guests we’ve met have been able to secure accommodation and even employment, which is great news. We wish them all well in the future.


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Posted: 03/03/2015


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