Spring is on the way

Spring is coming, the daffs are out! Spring is the transition season between winter and summer during which we see pub gardens filling, days getting longer and temperatures warming, so lets get our hair ready too!

In the past few seasons, we’ve seen lots of…


Ombre: French for ‘to shade’, colour will fade from darker roots and gradually get lighter towards ends. The ombre effect started off as a fairly stark contrast from light to dark and developed over time into ‘sombre’ (soft ombre) where the transition from light to dark became more subtle and blended.


Dip-Dye: Just like the name suggests, literally dipping the ends of the hair. Mostly popular for bold, bright, statement colours and usually only involving colouring the bottom third of the hair below the jawline.


Balayage: French for ‘to sweep’, balayage creates very natural, almost sun kissed highlights without making roots look obvious. This technique can be performed completely freehand or with a board.


Baby lights: Micro highlights. A very fine and delicate technique for super blended colour results.


But now if you like looking for the latest exciting trend let me introduce you to…..Ecaille, French for ‘tortoise shell’. 2015 trends are going more natural in both hair and make up. This technique is a slightly richer and darker version of your natural colour paired with a palette of a tortoise shell shades of honey amber golden blonde and dark brown richer caramel, with a whole lot of shine thrown in. Were seeing this look a lot on celebs like Nicole Sherzinger, Jessica Alba and Gisele Bundchen

Variety's Power Of Women Presented By Lifetime - Arrivals tortoiseshell-picsnicolesherzinger



We can adapt the tone/shades to complement your skin tone, eyes and complexion. To achieve the best results, I tend to stick to tones that are only a fewer shades lighter and darker than your natural base to avoid it being too dramatic. This look began trending in Paris and it’s a much more sophisticated version of the ombre/Balyage that we know and love. It creates a beautiful, 3D, multidimensional look. I had already started developing and using this technique on many of my lovely clients without knowing that’s it’s actually a ‘thing’ and that it’s called Ecaille!

I love doing freehand, creative colouring and merging varieties of different techniques. The results make me so happy! If anyone’s interested in seeing me for a free consultation to discuss any of the looks in this article, please call or email the salon and make a booking with me.


Mertice x 🙂


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Posted: 26/03/2015


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