Sleek brows 3d Brow Building

Sleek Brows – Coming Soon to Serenity at Hair Professional

Here are two of our first case studies for the amazing Sleek Brows…the first lady, as you can see, has total hair loss on her eyebrows so we had to fully reconstruct them using the painting method.

Sleek brows before at Serenity Hair Professional


We applied individual strokes of textured paint to the skin to ‘build’ an eyebrow.

Sleek brows after full reconstruction at Serenity at Hair Professional

With our second lady, although she does have some eyebrow hair, it is very sparse and quite fine in texture meaning that the individual, existing hairs could easily be lost.  We used the painting method again here as its  such a great way to achieve either a natural eyebrow or a more defined look depending on personal taste or fashion.

Sleek brows before, thinning brows.


Remember,this technique is totally waterproof and smudge proof and will last for 3 to 6 weeks. It is equally suitable for men or women and is a non-invasive technique where no skin is broken and no pores or follicles are clogged.


sleek brows after partial reconstruction


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Posted: 06/05/2014


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