Skin Problem Map

Your face can be a map of your whole body…spots in different areas are often an indication of problems that need to be addressed. Read on for an in-depth explanation…

1: This area is in connection with your bladder and digestive system. If you regularly have breakouts in this area you may need to drink more water and eat more ‘whole foods’.

2: This area relates to the liver. Breakouts in this area usually indicate an over consumption in alcohol, rich foods or possibly even a food allergy.

3: The ears are related to the kidneys. If you notice breakouts or irritation then cut down on aerated drinks, coffee and alcohol.

4: The cheeks relate to the respiratory system. Smokers or people suffering from allergies generally experience breakouts and even broken capillaries in these areas. Cut down on you sugar intake and get more fresh air. Eating more green vegetables and fish can help to diminish these spots. Also be wary of dirty phone screens and dirty pillow cases.

5: Anything around the eyes usually links to dehydration (including dark circles), so drink more water.

6: This area is in connection with your heart. A red nose usually indicates high blood pressure. Decrease the intake of spicy foods, meat, and get more fresh air. The nose is also covered in dilated pores so make sure your makeup is not past its expiry date and that you are cleansing your face thoroughly.

7: This area is linked with your hormones and stress. While both may be unavoidable, make sure you are getting plenty of adequate sleep, drink plenty of water and eat lots of leafy vegetables. However, breakouts around the jaw line can also be caused by dental surgery.

8: The chin can be another indication of high stress levels and hormonal changes. As well as this, the chin can also be related to the stomach so eat more fibre foods and try drinking herbal teas to help with digestion.

9: Breakouts on the neck usually indicate that your body is fighting bacteria to avoid illness. Take some time out to relax and let your body naturally heal itself as stress will lower the immune system.


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Posted: 03/06/2015


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