Sleek Brows before and after


Sleek Brows is a truly revolutionary brow building treatment which allows for either partial or total reconstruction of the eyebrows.

The results have a fullness and definition quite simply unachievable with regular brow grooming treatments. Your new eyebrows will be waterproof and smudge proof, lasting between 3 – 6 weeks.

Suitable for those with good eyebrow hair as much as for those with partial or total loss, this is a three dimensional, non-invasive treatment taylor made for each individual.

This intricate treatment is not available from any other company and employs two completely new concepts never before available in the beauty industry.

 The first allows for individual hairs to to applied to your existing hair to create the desired fullness and shape. The second type of treatment uses a textured paint, applied in fine individual strokes directly on to the skin where no hair is present. This is the perfect treatment for all types of hair loss as it does not prevent the potential healthy re growth of hair.

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We also offer a wig sourcing and cutting service available in our Maidstone salon in private rooms.

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