All of our facial and body treatments are carried out using ARK products which has a totally new way of looking at skin care. We treat by the skin’s age not the skin type……try it out and we are sure you will be impressed by this forward thinking Skincare range.

We have three main ranges

Age prepare

During this period our skin is at its peak but it’s important to prepare for the ageing process by maximising the quality of the skin and taking preventative measures against future harm. It’s never too early to protect yourself from damage caused by the sun and environmental factors with powerful antioxidants. This range cleverly balances oily and dry areas to leave the skin clear and comfortable.

Age prepare products are designed to be used from your teens right up until your early 30’s

Age maintain

During this phase our skin is starting to show signs of ageing as fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear and some of us notice sensitivity as we encounter more external and internal stresses. It’s time to maintain the integrity of the skin with vital nutrients and greater antioxidant protection.

Age Maintain products are designed to be used from your early to mid 30’s right up until your 50’s

Age repair

We are now at a stage when our skin has established signs of age, showing increased loss of elasticity, uneven pigmentation and inflammation. We must do our best to help repair the skin with the most intensive anti-ageing, antioxidant and skin-brightening ingredients.

Age repair products are designed to be used from your 50’s onwards


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