Do I need to take my make up off before I come to the salon for a facial?

No, the therapist will be able to do that for you.

Do I need to bring a pair of flip flops if I am having a pedicure?

Yes, you will need a pair of flip flops to allow your polish to dry, unfortunately we are not able to supply disposable ones.

Do I need to do anything before having a spray tan?

Yes, you must not wear any self tan product for a week before your treatment and exfoliate and moisturise thoroughly the day before. On the day of the treatment, antiperspirant or deodorant should not be used but if this is unavoidable, please let the therapist know that you need to clean the affected areas prior to treatment. If you prefer us to carry out the exfoliation for you, book an Ark Top to Toe body scrub directly before your spray tan.

What do I wear for a massage appointment?

You may be required to wear just briefs while you are having a massage; at all times only the body part being worked on will be uncovered so you will never feel exposed. You can wear your normal clothes after the massage as the oils we use penetrate the skin and will not stain any clothing.

Do I need to arrive early for my appointment?

No a 15 minute consultation time is added onto the start of treatments where it is required.

If I have gel nails, can I remove them myself at home?

Yes, you can purchase a removal kit from us to use at home or, if you prefer, you can come into the salon for a therapist to do this for you. It is extremely damaging to your natural nails to ‘pick’ any of the gels off.