Pro Fiber

Does your hair feel damaged, dull and lifeless?

Are you trying to grow your hair but end up having to chop the ends off, as they look horrendous?


If this is the case, let me introduce you to Pro Fiber, L’Oreal Professional’s brand new treatment and product range. It’s a long lasting hair care programme for all levels of damage that is designed to recharge your hair and make it feel revived. It’s enriched with APTLY 100 technology which is exclusive to L’Oreal with over seven years of research as well as seven patents pending.


Hayley and I were the lucky ones who volunteered to learn about this fantastic treatment and went on to educate the rest of the team in an afternoon training session last week.

This treatment starts exclusively in-salon where we diagnose your hair from root to tip and prescribe the perfect professional programme for your hair. There are 3 gorgeous ranges designed for different levels of damage and texture. Each range comes with its own distinct smell; Revive has a vibrant fragrance of lemon and honey, Restore has a floral fragrance of sandal milk with spicy floral notes and Recover has the rich fragrance of black vanilla. Your stylist carefully selects the right range for you to ensure that there’s no chance of overloading the surface or causing limpness, which is often the result of an intense treatment. This ensures that you can achieve shiny and healthy looking hair, whatever your hair’s texture and level of damage.

In-salon, after the shampoo( including a relaxing massage), we apply the specialist concentrate to the hair followed by the indulgent “Renew Treatment” that grips to the hair like a magnet using positive and negative charges. This instantly makes hair feel soft, freshly-cut and intensely shiny-looking. We also use the leave-in serum before drying the hair which acts as not only a heat protector but also reinforces the treatment.


It is key to the success of this treatment that you continue to use the products at home. This way, not only will you step out of the salon with beautiful shiny hair but, you’ll also maintain those results for up to six weeks. A purchase of 3 products attracts a 15% discount and if you buy all 4 products to use at home, you will receive a 20% discount.

See below for a list of prices.


In-Salon Treatment – £25


Shampoo – £12.99

Conditioner – £14.99

Masque – £18.49

Leave-In – £14.99

Re-Charge Treatment – £19.49


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Posted: 22/10/2015


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