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It’s been a really busy week in the salon with My New Hair clients. For those of you who don’t know, we are part of a network of salons around the country who have been trained by the legendary Trevor Sorbie to provide wigs for those people suffering medical hair loss, usually as a result of chemotherapy. We’ve fitted some beautiful wigs this week including the selection below, two of which are shown in the brand new ‘long rooted’ colours Crimson and Banana Split (that’s ombre to you and me).

IMG_2104 IMG_2108

The clients are always amazed at the quality of the wigs, their comfort and natural feel. It’s very rewarding for us to be able to witness the joy and relief that people experience when they come for a wig fitting. It’s a privilege for us to serve these women and help them to feel better about themselves and more able to face the challenges ahead of them.


Sometimes the clients take the wigs just as they are but often we ‘personalise’ them by removing some weight or length to fully customise their look. This is not a service that we wish to make any money from beyond covering our costs. The absolute most you will pay for a consultation and wig cutting (two separate appointments) is £50 and we charge the wigs out at cost price. You won’t even have to pay the VAT as long as the wig is for medical hair loss. I can’t discuss the cost of the wigs online but I can assure you, you’ll be thrilled and amazed at how little they cost. So, if you or anyone you know, is in this unenviable position, please don’t hesitate to come and see us. We have private rooms for consultations and are very flexible with our appointment times. It is our genuine pleasure to offer this service.




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Posted: 17/04/2015


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