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My New Hair and Sleek Brows

As some of you will know, Anthea recently went up to the L’Oreal Academy in Hammersmith to spend the day with Trevor Sorbie learning how to source, fit and trim wigs for clients with medical hair loss. Trevor has set up a charity called My New Hair which aims to train hair stylists across the nation to deliver this very important service to their clients. Recently, My New Hair has forged formal links with Macmillan in attempt to ensure that patients are made aware of this service, wherever in the country they are. In June, Anthea will be going back for her advanced training with Trevor and sincerely hopes that she can reach the people who might benefit from this service and beyond. She is currently trying to find the best way to let local GP’s know that she is offering this bespoke service so that they can pass the information on to their patients.

To support this, the beauty therapists Charlie and Siubhan have recently trained in the application of Sleekbrows, a unique method of eyebrow enhancement which uses texturised paint and eyebrow extensions to create effects from a whole set of lashes for someone who has none at all to a quick fill in if there’s a gap in the eyebrow. Both methods are non invasive and last between 3 and 6 weeks. Originally developed to create eyebrows for chemotherapy patients, Sleekbrows can in fact be applied to anyone who would like more shape and substance to their brows


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Posted: 15/05/2014


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