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A few words from Anthea this week….
By far and away the best part of my job is training the youngsters. I now organise and supervise the weekly training sessions in the salon and these are a mix of practical skills and rigorous theoretical work. There’s something magical about watching these very young people join the team, full of nerves, lacking in confidence and self esteem, and growing into self assured, talented people who very much know their own worth.

It’s a very privileged position to be in and it comes with a good deal of responsibility. It’s sometimes easy to forget how profound an influence I have on these young people…after all, I see them for far longer than their parents or even friends do at this age. When I hear my casual words repeated back to me as inalienable truths, I realise how careful I have to be about my throw away remarks or they’ll come back to bite me!
I am particularly proud of this bunch of trainees; Charlotte, Megan, Hayley, Ange and Jess, and I’m hoping that my new intake, Lauren and Bradley, prove to be willing and able recruits. For the most part, as you all know, we tend to ‘grow our own’ stylists in the salon so it’s imperative that we take the time and trouble to train them to our exacting standards. I AM tough on these girls and boys…much, much tougher than any college would be but my success rate is exceptionally high. These students, like many before them, will go on to become very competent hairdressers with skills that will ensure they can be independent and self sufficient members of society. It’s not the most well paid job in the world, the hours are long and you’re on your feet all day but we’ll always be needed and I see no reason why a good hairdresser should EVER be out of work.
Our particular speciality in the salon is colour work, especially colour change. It’s only half way through the week and we’ve already achieved some amazing transformations. Training for this type of work is very exacting, time consuming and expensive. Education at this level can cost about £8-10,000 per person by the time you’ve factored in lost work hours, travel, extra product etc. so it’s rare to find a salon like ours where so many stylists are trained to this degree. Last week, we had a top up training session from our new L’Oreal Educator Danielle and she said she was very impressed with the knowledge of the team, especially the youngsters who were far  more advanced than she had expected.
So, I think the hard work does pay off in the end, even if it’s a chore staying up half the night to mark case studies or whatever! I hope and believe that our clients appreciate the Hair Professional difference and know that they are getting the best levels of service our industry has to offer.


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Posted: 05/08/2015


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