Hair FAQs – The questions we get asked all the time

How often should I wash my hair?

As often as you feel you need or want to. So long as you are using the best shampoo and conditioner you can afford and aren’t stressing the hair out mechanically by scrubbing or combing too vigorously, you can wash your hair as often as you like. Frequency varies hugely from one person to another. If you are going to wash it more regularly, just be careful during the drying process that you don’t heap additional stress and unnecessary heat onto the hair.

Why should I use professional shampoos and conditioners?

All hairdressers use and recommend professional products because the quality of the ingredients simply make them finer products. They are absorbed more easily into the hair, have a higher concentration of active and essential ingredients and fewer or no petrochemicals.

How long should my colour last?

This is a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’. Different colours are formulated to penetrate into the hair at different levels and varying hair types will hold colour better than others. Then there’s the issue of condition to consider and what type of lifestyle you have. Your colourist will be able to advise you how you can maximise the life of your colour for your own particular circumstance.

Why are there different prices for different stylists?

The price banding represents strict guidelines we have put in place in the salon structure. In order to be promoted, stylists need to meet targets based on request business, revenue generated and Continuous Professional Development. Age is not necessarily a factor so the most affordable stylists will not necessarily be the youngest.

Will you help me decide what will suit me best?

All of the team receive continuous training both in product innovation and techniques of application. In addition to this, we regularly review current trends and interact with each other constantly about what looks inspire us from the worlds of fashion, celebrity and popular culture. Therefore, we are very well placed to suggest suitable looks for each individual based on your own lifestyle and preferences as well as face shape and body architecture.

Why do you keep my personal details and what do you do with them?

From time to time, it is necessary to contact our clients in cases of staff illness or holiday. However, above and beyond this, we send out by email a regular newsletter, notifications of Special Offers and a gift at the time of your birthday. A text reminder is set up to notify you of your appointment two days previously but any or all of these alerts and communications can be turned off if you would prefer not to receive them. We never pass your details on to a third party.

Can I get an appointment outside of the advertised hours?

Many of the team are more than prepared (and able) to be flexible about their working hours. We won’t be offended at all if you ask for an appointment out of hours although we may not always be able to accommodate you.

What’s the difference between Brazilian Smoothing and Chemical Straightening?

Chemical Straightening is like a perm in reverse and can only be done on hair in good condition to avoid compromising the integrity of the hair. It is permanent and will grow out. Brazilian Smoothing is semi-permanent (it lasts about four months) and can be done on hair in any condition.

Why can’t I book online?

We are currently looking into this service but feel at the moment the booking process is quite complicated and errors would almost certainly be made resulting in disappointment for everyone concerned. You are most welcome to email the salon (info@hair-professional.co.uk) to book an appointment if this is more convenient.