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With the exception of last week, the weather has been so summery that a good number of our lovely ladies have been sitting in our chairs and begging us to either chop their hair off or show them how to put it up and out of their way. So what better than learning some simple new ways to do just that and keep cool? During these hotter months it’s a great idea to try out new braids, plaits and up-do’s which can be less formal perhaps than in other seasons. By mastering the basic 3-strand plait you can create literally hundreds of different styles. With a little practise, you should soon be able to create the French, Dutch and Fishtail braids which are all really effective, especially when mixed together.


One simple but effective look is taking a section from each side of your parting, creating two plaits and joining them at back of head to create a pretty hair up half down look; think Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. Or what about Elsa’s beautiful plait from the movie Frozen? You Tube is positively bursting with tutorials about how to create these looks and many others.


The colour of hair makes a huge difference to the look of braiding/plaiting too. One block colour means its very difficult to see any definition in the style, whereas multi dimensional colours such as balayage, highlights, or different tones shining through make the braids look more interesting and exciting.


Star product for braiding is Redken’s Braid Aid, a defining hair lotion specifically designed to add both smoothness and grip to make plaiting and twisting hair easier and more long lasting. It slightly dampens the hair while you work on it but dries to an almost grit-like finish ensuring the braids stay in place once you’re done.


If you have very fine hair, don’t despair. What you don’t have naturally can very easily be added. Clip in extensions are easy to apply and do no damage to your own hair. They can truly make a braid, or indeed any kind of up-do, look really impressive and luxurious. We are very happy to help you decide which type and colour to buy and have our own preferred suppliers should you wish to order them from us



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Posted: 15/08/2015


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