Beautiful Subtle Summer Ombre

Colouring your hair does not need to be the big step you might think it is. You might be thinking that as soon as you make the jump and get your hair coloured you will forever be having to “get your roots done”. This isn’t always the case, sometimes colour can be used to enhance and enrich what you already have.

Take Catherine here:

photo 1-5

Here she has her natural colour, a beautiful auburn. It would be such a shame to cover up this colour.

photo 2-5


So if we are not going to cover it up what do we do?  Enhance it with a beautiful ombre effect.

photo 3-4

The aim here is not to have an “in your face” colour change and to have a result that lasts without having to come back to the salon every 5 minutes.

She won’t need to keep getting her “roots done” because of the way this colour is faded through her hair starting from over a third of the way down gradually getting lighter towards the ends.

photo 4-4

Best of all this is a fairly quick and cheap thing to do, in this case it was the same as a half head of highlights so including the Cut and Blow Dry cost just £80. Amazing value for a colour job that has at least a year and a half life in it.

What do you think? Like it?


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Posted: 19/08/2014


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