A New way to look at Haircare

When I get the time I like to try and experience Hair Professional as a client would. Often only in small ways but it’s always interesting to try and see things how clients of the salon do.

Anyway, I sat in reception last month and looked up at the haircare shelves. They had been recently dusted and cleaned so they looked great but it suddenly occurred to me that if I were a client and I was looking for a product that did a particular thing then I would have absolutely no idea where to start.

So I had the idea of grouping the products by what they do, volume, colour protection etc.

And here is the result:

Hair Professional retail shelves



If you want volume you need the green shelves.

For Colour Protection you need the red shelves.

Smoothing is purple.

Strength is dark blue.

Texture is silver.

Heat and Shine is yellow.

Scalp is pale blue.

What do you think; do you like it?

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Posted: 11/06/2014


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